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Our Story & Our Team

Stat is re-imagining healthcare. With a simple tap, the Stat smartphone app matches patients with a licensed CNA, HHA, doctor, nurse, or medical transport - allowing aides, doctors and medical transports the ability to reduce idle or downtime, while earning up to 50% more income.

Stat is the fastest, easiest and safest way to have your patient transported or find care anywhere, anytime. With Stat you can request a healthcare professional or medical transport for a patient from across town, for your mom in another state, and soon, from across the world. During the request you can follow the transport on your map through our GPS tracking feature and call, text or video call your healthcare professional at anytime.

To make sure your we keep our high quality service, all healthcare workers and transport companies are vetted for safety, quality and under go random spot checks. Our driver ratings after each request ensure ongoing high quality.

Launched in July 2013, Stat is currently operating in Philadelphia and Austin - and will soon be expanding. Through Stat’s network of healthcare professionals and medical transport companies, multiple Stat requests are accepted from across the country, every hour.

Founded by a pediatrician, a 20-year veteran paramedic and two startup gurus, Stat is backed by DreamIt Ventures and its founding team.

Dr. Brian Co-Founder &
Medical Advisor

Dr. Brian has been practicing pediatrician for the last 7 years and has been volunteering with Doctors Without Borders for 4 years now, caring for children in Haiti and Africa.

He is a father of three children and the current partner of a practice in Salem, Oregon. But he is relocating to Austin to start his second practice this Fall.

Dr. Brian holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a M.D. from the University of Dublin.

Jason Co-Founder & CEO

Jason is a UX fanatic and a hustler. He is also the cross-pollination of marketing, product management and development. He spends half of his 16-hour day in front of Xcode and the other half thinking about marketing, selling and saving more lives. Before starting Stat, Jason worked as an iOS consultant; a product manager for a company that shall go nameless; and architected, developed and designed Spiceworks’ network map application.

During his free time, besides spending time with his kids, Jason spends his time coaching youth basketball.

Jason holds a B.A. from Southern Methodist University in Marketing and Management Information Systems.

Brian Co-Founder &
VP of Development

Brian is no rock star or a ninja, but he is a full stack genius. He is a veteran with over 15 years of development experience in various industries such as education, military, finance, IT and healthcare. He specializes in back-end architecture, scalability, systems integration, algorithms and performance optimization. Prior to Stat, Brian was a consultant working with HIPAA compliant web apps, and an employee at Spiceworks who helped scale the website to over 2 million page views a day.

Brian can often be found optimizing databases, developing new android features and bending node.js to his will. But when he’s not coding or exploring new technologies, he can be found brewing beer, thinking about brewing beer or exploring the streets of Seattle on foot.

Brian holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University.

Rick Product Lead &
Chief Paramedic

Rick, once a Fire Chief, has been a firefighter and paramedic for more than 20 years and has saved countless lives. He has also been an entrepreneur for more than 10 years. At Stat, Rick spends most of his time validating new features for the dispatching platform and product designing the super secret next generation 911 project.

Besides owing a large sprinkler company, Rick spends his free time as the president of his towns’ firefighters union – training other firefighters, educating his towns’ citizens on how to prevent fires and installing smoke detectors for the elderly.

Our Story

In 2007 Jason, Stat’s CEO, found himself in the position of saving two people’s lives. On the first occasion he performed CPR on a man in sudden cardiac arrest and on the second, he called 911 for a man who had driven off a cliff.

On both occasions the ambulances took more than the national standard of 8 minutes to arrive. Plus, on one occasion, because of a miscommunication between the caller and the 911 dispatcher, the wrong ambulance was sent – a BLS (Basic Life Support) was sent instead of an ALS (Advanced Life Support) for the heart attack patient.

After experiencing the hiccups in the current 911 dispatching system – delayed ambulance response times and their reliance on a single dispatching channel that hasn’t changed in 30 years – Jason soon realized non-emergency transports had some of the same issues as emergency transports. So, he decided to fix both, by building Stat with a group of colleagues.